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Interior & Signages

ALDEKO™ having excellent surface finishes with wide a variety of coating variations, fits to interior materials for shops, offices and factories. In addition, ALDEKO™ is perfect for use on interior walls, columns, ceilings and partitions. It is excellent in flatness and workability, and enables a significant weight reduction by lightweight and simplifies the installation.

We have high-gloss finishes, stone or timber-designs in the variation of ALDEKO™. As an option, conductive fluorocarbon-coated product is available, which is suitable for interior walls and partitions in factory.

ALDEKO™ is lightweight and easy to process, which would make ALDEKO™ the best choice for signage areas. ALDEKO™ would be designated as an eligible material Pan India for program of petrol service stations. The installed surface is perfectly flat and the PVDF coating can keep its glossy surface for long time

ALDEKO™ is an ultra lightweight panel suitable for such signage area as indoor POP signs and directory signboard.

ALDEKO™ offers a wide range of surfaces and finishes including highly reflective polished surfaces, the look of stone and timber, natural, anodized, and decorative architectural metals. With Valspar Paint and PVDF finish, the color and gloss possibilities are virtually unlimited.

Light and adaptable yet strong and durable, ALDEKO™ materials are to be applied to give your building a stunning effect. Add yours to the list.