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Natural Metal

Copper Panels evolve and weather to a rich patina, adding beauty and depth to any building façade. Zinc panels offer an elegant matte patina.Our natural metal finishes delivers the opulence of genuine metal at a fraction of the weight and cost of solid sheet alternatives.

About Natural Metal Finishes

We bond metal skins metal to our polyethylene (PE) or fire-retardant (fr) core material to create a truly natural metal finish. The result is an (MCP) panel with all the beauty of sheet metal – and none of the drawbacks. Natural metal MCP is lighter in weight, more versatile, easier to fabricate and designed to remain flat and stable throughout the days, seasons and decades of any climate.

Natural Metal Finish Applications

MCP in a natural metal finish is an ideal material for exterior building cladding, entryways, canopies, soffit, fascia and more.

ALDEKO™ Copper Composite Material (CCP) Copper panel skins bonded to one sides of a PE polyethylene core. Also available with a fire-retardant core as a custom order. Natural copper finishes are often desired for the richly variable patina they gain over time.

ALDEKO™ Zinc Composite Material (ZCP) Fire-retardant (fr) or polyethylene composite material with the elegant matte patina of weathered zinc panels. Natural zinc finishes blend well with many building materials and designs, both traditional and contemporary.