HPL Panel Manufacturer India

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ALDEKO™ HPL is available in a wide range of wood grains, colors, custom prints, abstracts and finishes, making it an ideal choice for an array of vertical and horizontal applications.

New Arrival
Industrial Iron

Industrial Iron
(ALH 331)

New Arrival
Corton Steel

Corton Steel
(ALH 332)

New Arrival
Breccia Brown

Breccia Brown (ALH 310)

New Arrival
Syenite Red

Syenite Red (ALH 311)

New Arrival
Pacific Grey

Pacific Grey (ALH 312)

New Arrival
Pietra Grey

Pietra Grey (ALH 313)

New Arrival
Crema Cenia

Crema Cenia (ALH 314)

New Arrival
Verde Tropical

Verde Tropical (ALH 315)

New Arrival
Shadow Black Sand

Shadow Black Sand (ALH 321)

New Arrival
Beige Sand

Beige Sand (ALH 323)>

New Arrival
Desert Sand

Desert Sand (ALH 322)

New Arrival
Ivory Sand

Ivory Sand (ALH 324)

American Wallnut

American Wallnut (ALH 604)

Royal Teak

Royal Teak (ALH 605)

Oak Wood

Oak Wood (ALH 606)

Red Venge

Red Venge (ALH 607)

Chocolate Zebrano

Chocolate Zebrano (ALH 608)

Black Oak Texture

Black Oak Texture (ALH 609)

African Ebony

African Ebony (ALH 610)


Mahagony (ALH 611)

Burma Emony

Burma Emony (ALH 612)


Maple (ALH 614)

Novecento Pine

Novecento Pine (ALH 616)

Alhamara Wood

Alhamara Wood (ALH 618)

Rovere Oak

Rovere Oak (ALH 619)

Brown Santos

Brown Santos (ALH 620)

MahTeak Crustagony

Teak Crust (ALH 621)

African Teak

African Teak (ALH 622)

Cardia Wood

Cardia Wood (ALH 623)

Acacia Wood

Acacia Wood (ALH 624)

New Arrival
Brazil Wood

Brazil Wood (ALH 626)

New Arrival
Cumaru Wood

Cumaru Wood (ALH 627)

New Arrival
Tiama Wood

Tiama Wood (ALH 628)

New Arrival
Silky Oak

Silky Oak (ALH 629)

Nyana Teak

Nyana Teak (ALH 632)


Tineo (ALH 133)


Perlato (ALH 613)


Satwario (ALH 615)

Brwon Fire

Brwon Fire (ALH 617)

Black Galaxy

Black Galaxy (ALH 625)

Red Wenge

Dark Emprador (ALH 691)