Solid Color PVDF Panels Manufacturer India

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REGALIA Solid Color Finishes

These distinctive classics are available for immediate delivery in common architectural colors of white, gray, gold and black, to bright program colors of rich reds, brilliant yellows and vibrant blues. We can also supply custom colors matched to virtually any color your project requires.
ALDEKO™ panels use PVDF, a remarkable second-generation fluoropolymer coating that offers exceptional adhesion, weatherability and chemical resistance – in a full range of colors and glosses that other coatings cant match.
ALDEKO™ materials are available for immediate delivery in a stunning range of solid colored panels, from stately architectural shades of white, gray, tan and black to bright program hues across the spectrum – rich reds, brilliant yellows, deep blues and more. We can also supply custom colors matched to virtually any color your project requires. Our PVDFcoating, in KYNAAR 500 coatings by Valspar, offers a full range of colors and glosses that ordinary paints can't match.

About Solid Colored Panel Finishes

Our next-generation PVDF fluoropolymer resin is the most advanced architectural finish available, delivering superior durability, weatherability and chemical resistance.ALDEKO™ materials are coated in a state-of-the-art die coating process that permits direct coating on the aluminum surface to ensure smoother, finer finishes without roping marks. All finishes meet or exceed AAMA 2605 specifications, and we offer the industry's longest warranty to ensure the color you specify remains vibrant and true a generation from now.

Solid Colored Panel Applications

Lightweight, easy-to-fabricate, reliably consistent and incredibly durable, ALDEKO™ materials are ideal for all kinds of interior and exterior building applications – including curtain wall façades, rainscreen systems, interior walls, decorative features, corporate signage and more. We stock a complete selection of solid colors and offer an extensive corporate ID program with colors precisely matched to your brand. Looking for something truly unique? Our KYNAAR 500 coatings by Valspar can be custom-matched to virtually any color sample or specification you provide.