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Sunset Red

Sunset Red (ALP 307)

The Sunset Red is merely a prelude to the dawn, yet its majesty fills ones mind with the most beautiful of dreams, there is a distinct radiant about "Sunset Red" the Spectra Colour

Ocean Blue (ALP 308)

The Ocean Blue. Calm and gentle. Subtle and sweet. The appearance of someone completely at peace, without a care in the world, there is a distinct tranquality about "Ocean Blue" the Spectra Colour

Ocean Blue

Daylight (ALP 309)

The watery daylight pushed back at the darkened edges of dawn, reclaiming the colours of the day that had been washed into grey by the moonlit night. The world came back like a freshly developed photograph; every colour would appear bright and new. That's what we at ALDEKO Spectra call "Daylight"