Top Ten ACP (Aluminum Composite Panels)
Sheets Manufacturers in India


21 June

Aluminum composite panels are in high demand in the construction and transportation industries. As the need for flexible, easy-to-install panels grows, buyers struggle to determine the best ACP sheet brand. So, if you want to buy high-quality panels from India's best ACP sheet manufacturing company, you should check for the top 10 ACP brands. So, to save you the time and effort of locating the top 10 ACP sheet manufacturers among hundreds of small and large enterprises in India, our research team went ahead and identified the top ACP sheet manufacturer until 2022, as well as the top ACP sheet manufacturer in 2023.

1. Aldeko Panels

Aldeko is a renowned manufacturer of premium ACP sheets, known for their exceptional quality and durability. Aldeko is a top 10 ACP manufacturer in India and has made a name for itself in the market by placing a significant emphasis on innovation and quality control. Their ACP sheets are meticulously crafted using the finest materials and advanced manufacturing techniques, ensuring they meet the highest standards of strength and aesthetics. Aldeko Panels, a part of the Vikanshu Group, proudly operates a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility equipped with cutting-edge German technology machines. This facility has a vast production area of 60,000 sq ft and a remarkable capacity of producing 25 lac sqft per month. In addition to ACP sheets, Aldeko offers a range of other high-quality materials such as HPL. louvers, FR materials, Metlam, silicon, and APP products. Each of these materials undergoes stringent manufacturing processes to ensure unmatched performance and longevity. Aldeko's journey began in 1984 as a bitumen transport business, and over the years, they have grown significantly. Their commitment to excellence and continuous growth has enabled them to become a leading player in the industry. Based in Kotdwar, Uttarakhand, Aldeko serves customers across India with comprehensive distribution and support services. They are dedicated to delivering outstanding materials that stand out and make a lasting impression in any setting. For exceptional projects, Aldeko Sheets are the go-to choice, as they are manufactured under the strictest standards, guaranteeing elevated spaces and remarkable results.

2. Viva ACP

Viva is one of the greatest ACP brands in India, and it is well-known for the wide range of ACP sheet styles that it offers. With over 300+ colors and a diverse product line, Viva ACP allows designers to be creative and adaptable with their creative mind. Viva ACPs, founded in 2003 in Mumbai, is noted for its wood finish, stone finish, sand finish, metal finish, zinc finish, anti-bacterial, and fire-retardant ACPs. Not only that, but Viva has various Eco-Certificates that ensure the long-term quality of the ACP sheets manufactured by the ACP powerhouse. As the best ACP sheet company in India, Viva's manufacturing sites in Gujarat run on solar energy, making it the ideal of environmentally aware operations. Viva obtains its raw materials from prominent Indian industrial leaders such as Hindalco for aluminum sheets, as well as paints and pigments from Monopol Colors, Akzo Nobel, PPG, and Nippon Paints. Viva's 500+ retail network (together with 22+ warehouses) ensures that the supply chain runs smoothly. Because it has one of the largest export networks of the best ACP sheets, Viva ACP not only leads the Indian market but also the international market.

3. Aludecor

Aludecor is a Kolkata-based company that is among the top ACP sheet manufacturers in India. They are well-known for their unwavering commitment to producing the best ACP sheets on the market. Since its establishment in 2002, Aludecor has fostered a love for innovation, which has helped it maintain its position as a thought leader in the Indian ACP sheet production business. Aludecor is currently available in over 250 locations and has a network of 500+ distributors. Aludecor has collaborated with some of the most prestigious National and International brands to fulfill the needs of facades in the retail store. Aludecor confirms the industry standard of manufacturing and before putting a quality product on the market they conduct stringent testing, color checks, fire checks, and check other mechanical and physical properties of the aluminum composite panel.

4. Eurobond

Eurobond ACP is the creation of the missionary organization Euro Panel Products Pvt. Ltd. Eurobond has served various sectors for ACP requirements over the past 15 years through its world-class production facilities in Umbergaon. The organization must provide a wide range of ACP sheets in various colors and styles. Eurobond is a one-stop shop for stunning ACP, offering anything from solid-colored ACP sheets to glossy ACP sheets to more refined forms of experimental designs. Eurobond also makes HPL sheets and fire-resistant ACP sheets.

5. Alstrong

The World Window Group, founded in 2001, manufactures Alstrong ACP sheets. The company's manufacturing facility is located in Jammu, and its headquarters are in Delhi. Alstrong manufactures world-class ACP sheets using cutting-edge Korean and Japanese machinery, and they have exceeded an annual production of 50 million square feet of ACP. Furthermore, Alstrong uses an integrated coil coating technology to beautify its extensive selection of ACP sheets available in a variety of colors and textures. Alstrong also has a potential Research and Development team that contributes to the development of cutting-edge technology for ACP sheet fabrication.

6. Virgo Group

The Virgo Group of Companies is continually on the lookout for industry innovation and challenges, which it meets with its commitment to excel in whatever it does. It maintains a mentality of striving for perfection throughout all of its group firms, no matter what it takes, whether high-end resources or exceptional talent. With a team size of over 3000+ workers, Virgo Group employees across India continue to work together in a fulfilling environment to achieve the company's objectives. Long before there were government-issued environmental rules, the Virgo Group had already invested in "Environment Friendly" projects. These included reforestation programmers and the prohibition of the use of tropical woods and ozone-depleting chemicals. Weighing its actions on a philosophical pedestal, Virgo has evolved into a company that generates maximum profit through total customer, supplier, employee, and societal pleasure. Virgo Group, which has received ISO 14001 certifications, continues to invest in new technologies that help lessen the environmental impact of its manufacturing operations. Why? Because that is the responsible thing to do.

7. Wonder alu board overseas

This is one of the most well-known ACP manufacturers in India. The company's headquarters are located in Rohini, New Delhi. The enterprise has 50,000 square feet in the industrial sector known as RIICO in Behror, Alwar District, Rajasthan. The factory is outfitted with cutting-edge gear and has a minimum capacity of 16 million square feet per year. The company works with a well-qualified staff of professionals who are assigned jobs, duties, and obligations in order for the company to be an efficient producer of ACP panels.

8. Alstrong

Alstrong is yet another firm that manufactures the greatest ACP panels. The company was founded in 2001 and is based in Delhi, with a production facility in Jammu. The company produces 1 50 million square feet of ACP every year on average. To create these high-quality composite panels, the company employs unique technology from Japan and Korea.

9. Citybond

Unistone Panels Pvt Ltd is the major APC Panels manufacturer, supplying high-quality panels under the Citybond brand throughout India. They are developing a diverse visual palette for architectural d├ęcor for the interior spaces of homes and structures. They have a nationwide distribution channel for their products. They are producing panels that meet worldwide requirements for sustainability and environmental friendliness. These APC panels are made of non-combustible materials.

10. Alstone

Alstone is a well-known brand that was founded in 2004 and is headquartered in Delhi. The company has two manufacturing units in Dehradun and Jaipur. The company has a 2.5 million square meter production capacity. The company provides a high-quality, long-lasting product constructed of double-layer aluminum skins. These items are pre-coated and then bonded with a non-toxic polyethene core substance. The brand's creative and extremely sustainable items are available on the market.

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