Aldeko PVDF

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ALDEKO™ Polyvinylidene fluoride or polyvinylidene difluoride (PVDF) is a highly non-reactive thermoplastic fluoropolymer produced by the polymerization of vinylidene difluoride. PVDF is a specialty plastic used in applications requiring the highest purity, as well as resistance to weather variables. A tabular for Aldeko Panels sheets with a clear coat of PVDF for your reckoning. It comes with a warranty of 10 years.

Thickness Code Standards Unit 3mm 4mm 4mm
Thickness of Aluminium Layers     [mm] 0.25 0.25 0.50
Weight     [kg/m2] 3.5 4.5 5.5
Width     [mm] 1200 1200 1220/1550
Technical Properties Code Standards Unit 3mm 4mm 4mm
Section modulus W DIN 53293 [cm3/m] 0.90 1.25 1.75
Rigidity EJ DIN 53293 [kNcm2/m] 1250 1500 2400
Alloy / Temper of Aluminium Layers   EN 573-3 EN 515     EN AW 5005A (AIMg1) H22/H42  
Modulus of Elasticity   EN 1999 1-1 [N/mm2]   70'000  
Core Code Standards Unit 3mm 4mm 4mm
Polyethylene, Type LDPE     [g/cm3]   0.92  
Surface Code Standards Unit 3mm 4mm 4mm
Lacquering         Coil Coating Fluorocarbon based (e.g. PVDF)  
Gloss (initial value)   EN 13523-2 [%]   30-80  
Pencil Hardness   EN 13523-4     HB-F  
Acoustical Properties Code Standards Unit 3mm 4mm 4mm
Sound Absorption Factor αs ISO 354       0.05
Sound Transmission Loss Rw ISO/DIS 717-1, EN ISO 140-3 [dB] 25 25 26
Loss Factor d EN ISO 6721, Frequency range 100-3200 Hz   0.0072 0.0075 0.0087
Thermal Code Standards Unit 3mm 4mm 4mm
Thermal Resistance R DIN 52612 [m2K/W] 0.0069 0.0103 0.0172
Heat Transition Coefficient U DIN 4108 [W/m2K] 5.65 5.60 5.54
Temperature Resistance   [°C]     -50 to +80